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Jing An Lin (Semenyih Memorial Hills) extends over natural terrains and is blessed with natural hills and waterways, including a confluence of 3 streams that converge to a natural lake. Jing An Lin is conceptualized on CLASSICAL YIN FENG SHUI PRINCIPLES, which emphasise the importance of selecting and subsequently naturally enhancing a good location. Contemporarily modern with wide vistas, the inspired architecture, inviting interiors and park-like environment at Jing An Lin evokes a sense of wellbeing, warmth and comfort where you can bring children and the elderly at any time of the day or year. It is a place meant for the living as well as departed loved ones."

We offer personalized service characteristics of smaller boutique companies whilst providing you with the professional competence of larger organizations.

We strive to offer state of the art facilities and excellent service that complement time tested traditions such that our customers are always satisfied.

We are here to cater to your special needs and to help ensure that this time of passing is done memorably and in accordance with your wishes.

From conceptualization, right down to the detailed execution and day to day management of Semenyih Memorial Hills, we seek to continuously raise the bar on standards of bereavement care.